French & Spanish Language Courses

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What it’s all about?

To us, language is something more than what the students learn in the classroom. It is a gateway to a whole new world, an exposure to a new culture, an invitation to explore. To transmit a deeper love of the language – be it French or Spanish – in our students, we bring the language to life by introducing French and Spanish children and teenagers to our Language Inter-action courses. The intensive language lessons each morning are given an immediate relevance each afternoon.

How does it work?

In the mornings, you study your language in a classroom environment. Our teachers are a combination of native speakers, and experienced teachers who work in the Irish schools system. In the afternoon, you mingle with your new French or Spanish friends, and, through natural communication, you gain a deep appreciation of the language you are learning, and a desire to further build you vocabulary. This interaction between Irish and foreign students is a unique element of Horizon International Language College, and we believe it pays a dividend way beyond what could ever be achieved in a straightforward classroom setting. You develop a hunger to acquire new words and phrases so you can make the right shout in the ‘international’ football game in the afternoon, talk about your favourite music, or simply tell your new French or Spanish friends about your homes, families, and friends.

What activities are in the afternoons?

Loads of stuff like Surfing, Abseiling, Quad Biking, Climbing, and lots more besides. And all the time, you are learning your new language in a fun environment.

What happens in the evenings?

You enjoy cultural and social events – discos, table quizzes, French or Spanish cultural events, Karaoke – again, all in your chosen foreign language.



Suitable for: 13-17 Years
5 half days of French or Spanish Classes
(15 hours Language Classes per week – 3 hours a day for 5 days)
1 full day and 4 half days of Multi-Activity, 1 full day and 1 half day excursion


"My daughter had the most wonderful time at your camp and met the most lovely friends from all around the globe. Not only did she learn French, more importantly she has developed a love for the language. She continues to be in contact with friends from abroad and messages her friends in French, and they in English, and they correct each other’s texts if there’s an error, so the learning is continuing".


Visit Horizon Languages for full details >>



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