Football Academy


What's it all about?

Football Academy is about raising your game so that you can start to reach your potential. Our top international coaches will show you the skills that'll bewilder opponents. Bit by bit, they will build it up so you're doing all your new tricks with skill and speed.

What activities will I do?

Passing, dribbling, heading, tackling, chesting the ball down, and going by players and much more besides. We also look at how to be more than just a good individual player, but also someone who can help make their team better.
Try out your skills in five-a-side games - and then watch the video to see how you performed.

Do I need any experience?

No but we're sure you already have quite a bit of experience as a footballer. The main thing you will need is a good attitude.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, just your regular football equipment. We provide the balls, training cones, goalposts, etc.




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