Transition Year


Personal Development and Adventure

A basic truth of high-quality outdoor education is that it paves the way for ‘learning outcomes’ that simply cannot be achieved within the confines of the classroom.

In the new, residential environment, young people are more open to learning. Significant results can be achieved with guests who might find it difficult to embrace the classroom scenario. Stronger relationships can develop within the group, and through their shared experiences at our Westport Centre, they break down barriers that might have previously existed.

Through a process of Task, Review and Reflect – combined with Action, Fun, and Adventure – our Transition Year, Personal Development and Adventure programme is a hugely significant module in the ‘gap year’ curriculum.

Transition Approaches:

• How Enjoyment can be a Motivator
• Activity Skills
• Health & Fitness
• Social Awareness
• Environmental Awareness
• Methods to increase Motivation & Appetite for Learning
• Broadening of Horizons
• Techniques to improve: Initiative, Self-reliance, Responsibility, Perseverance, Commitment, Confidence, Aspirations, Decision-making, Communication, Problem-solving, Leadership, Teamwork

A Sample Day:

9am - Breakfast
9.30am - Short Theory Session
10.15am - Task 1 (Group), with Review
11.30am - Task 2 (Personal), with Review
12.45am - Short Reflection & Wrap-up
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Adventure Session: Surfing / Climbing Tower
6pm - Dinner
7pm - Task 3 (Group problem-solving exercise)
9pm - Evening entertainments




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