Supporting You


A Stress-free Experience for Party Leaders

Our hands-on support system includes:

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow booking procedure
  • Safe and accessible transfer options to our Centre (10-minute transfer from Westport Rail and Bus Station)
  • We provide 24-hour supervision of your students
  • Party Leaders are accommodated in separate hotel-standard accommodation at our Centre, and they also enjoy separate dining and relaxation facilities. These facilities are just close enough to your group to allow you observe, first-hand, the behaviour and progress of the group, but far enough away to permit you your own space to unwind and relax
  • We invite Party Leaders to join us on Preview Visits before they book their trip – to give you the peace of mind you need before committing your students to the programmes
  • We offer Free and Concessionary Places for Party Leaders and their families

Teacher Facilities at our Adventure Centres

Westport Woods Hotel facilities are at your disposal during your visit, and we urge you to enjoy them:

  • Separate en-suite sleeping and dining facilities for Visiting Teachers
  • Leisure Centre, Spa and Complimentary Treatments available for Teachers
  • For Teachers or Leaders who may wish to get some quiet time away while we supervise your group, the Centre is within walking distance of the Town Centre and the Quay area with its famous array of Pubs and Restaurants

Facilities are at your disposal during your visit, and we urge you to enjoy them:

  • Separate but nearby Accommodation Apartments for visiting teachers with their own entrance
  • For Teachers or Leaders who may wish to get some quiet time away while we supervise your group, we can provide return transport to the local village
  • Free Horse Riding sessions and Bike Hire available on-site

Safe & Easy Travel

We will, if you wish, organise your travel arrangements from your school by luxury coach or rail. Please enquire for further details. Our Westport Centre is just ten minutes from Westport Rail Station.

Easy-to-follow Booking Procedure

Just call +353 98 35844 and we will be happy to guide you through the Booking Procedure. We don’t take just your Booking and then let you do the rest - we will help you right up to the day of departure, thus ensuring you are not left to do it all yourself.

We provide you with the support material you will need, including a supply of Parent/Pupil Information Leaflets, which will answer many of the queries that parents & pupils will have.

Your On-site Group Leader

From the moment you arrive on-site at our Westport Centre, you will be greeted by your Group Leader. In many cases, this will be the Centre Manager.

This person will have the experience, maturity and focus to ensure you and your group have a memorable visit to the Centre. They will spare nothing in the effort to make it as enjoyable as possible for you, and will take full responsibility for your group’s welfare. They will liaise with you on a regular basis, and keep you informed on the progress of your group. Thus you are secure in the knowledge that you and your group will get every last benefit out of your stay with us.

Outstanding Value for Money

Our Price Sheet provides an all-in price – it includes Full Board, Activity Programme, Instruction, 24-hour Supervision, and Insurances. In short, everything is listed, there are no hidden extras. This makes it easier for you to communicate the cost to your students.

Free Places and Concessionary Rates for Family Members

We offer one free place for an accompanying teacher for every 20 paying students. 

To make the trip more enjoyable for teachers, we also offer additional free places, and generous concessionary discounts, for accompanying family members of the Party Organiser. Please contact us for more details on these offers.

Free Preview Visits

We run an annual Gala Teachers’ Preview Weekend at our Westport Centre, to which you will be invited if you are contemplating booking one of our programmes. You will be able to view our facilities and programmes. However, if you are unable to attend this Preview Weekend, we will be happy to arrange a free visit for you at another date throughout the year. We host potential Party Leaders at the Westport Woods Hotel where you can see first-hand our Adventure Centre facilities on-site.




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