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Q: What experience does Horizon Education and Adventure Activity Centre have?

A: As pioneers of educational activity centres in Ireland and the UK, we have many years of experience in this sector behind us. We have kept in touch with every change in Outdoor Education – and, in most instances, we have led the changes. We bring that experience to bear in everything we do – how we devise our programmes, how we roll them out, what staff we employ, how we ensure the trip is as enjoyable as possible for students and teachers.

Q: Are your programmes up-to-date?

A: Yes. We don’t wish to sound boastful, but we are at the cutting edge of educational activity trips. We note every innovation in foreign countries and implement them where we think they would apply in Ireland – and we also conjure up our own new approaches.

Q: In brief, what benefits will my class get from a residential trip to your Westport Centre?

A: We will introduce your students to a brand new learning environment. It will be exciting, it will be challenging, and it will be fun – and these three components, when mixed together, produce an environment where your students learn quickly and enthusiastically. They will expand their horizons, gain in self-confidence and independence.

We promote teamwork and this approach can have far-reaching benefits in terms of bringing a class, and its teacher, closer together.

Q: Is your Centre secure and safe?

A: Yes. We offer 24-hour supervision, so you can rest assured that your students are constantly monitored. The Centre itself is a secure entity within the Westport Woods Hotel complex. Our staff are highly-trained. Upon arrival at our Centre, all schools receive a fire safety briefing, where all emergency exits and meeting areas are pointed out.

Procedures for evacuating the buildings are also rehearsed at this point. This is followed by an emergency fire drill that includes everyone – students, teachers and staff.

Q: Do we have to organise our own insurance?

A: Full Public Liability Insurance cover is included in the overall package price.

Q: How does payment work?

A: Once you have booked your dates for a visit to our Westport Centre, the first, non-refundable deposit will fall due within 21 days. The second deposit is due eight weeks after the first, and the third, and final, payment falls due ten weeks before you arrive.

Q: Do the dreaded midges spoil our enjoyment of the outdoors?

A: No. Westport is a midge-free zone, you will be glad to hear!




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