Gaisce Awards

Horizon Adventure Centre is a recognised Gaisce teaching stablishment and with the increase in interest in the awards, we have put together some information so you and your students will know what to expect. The Gaisce awards are open to anyone between the ages of 15 and 25 years.

There are four different areas of activity in the award:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Skills Physical
  • Recreation
  • An Adventurous Activity*

There are also 3 different levels, starting with the Bronze, then the Silver and finally the challenging Gold. Participants must begin with the Bronze and continue to the Silver then Gold. For more information on the first three areas of activity or general Gaisce queries contact:

The President’s Award-Gaisce, The State Apartments Dublin Castle , Dublin 2 Tel: 01 4758746
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:

The following information is based on The Bronze Award:


There is a need to differentiate between the normal activity programme we offer and the Gaisce programme.You may have been to Horizon before on an activity holiday and will know that we offer a chance for anyone of any level of fitness to participate in our multi-activity programme. However we do recommend that anyone attempting the Gaisce adventure awards have a very basic level of fitness to begin with. But more than that, a mental willingness to really get into the spirit of the adventure and a desire to complete the challenge that is laid out before them is vital. This is why we also ask schools to look at a development program spanning over the six weeks leading up to arriving at Horizon. This development program should cover all aspects of preparation required for the trip to Horizon. It is essential too that students have the correct clothing and personal gear for the Gaisce programme.

Walking Option

Six weeks is plenty of time to build up a level of fitness to complete the walking expedition. It doesn't even need to be up hills it can literally be as simple as walking around the neighbourhood every evening after school. Again with all these training programmes, it is acceptable for the students themselves to appoint a leader who could contact us directly. It is vital to the Gaisce programme that the students do as much of the organising as possible to really make it "their" project. It would also give them the opportunity to organise some fundraising for the trip, which in another way will bond the group and teach them some different values.

What to Expect

Each programme lasts for one and a half days. We recommend arriving at lunchtime and spending the first half of the day starting the challenge with slightly easier sections of the route. Then the next day the main section of the challenge will be completed. This is only a suggestion, as we know some groups have limited time.

Although Gaisce recommend camping over night, they are fairly flexible and if it is late in the year it might not be feasible.

Horizon charge the same price as their normal activity package for the Bronze walking option. Call us to find out more at 098 35844.



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