Residental & Day Programmes

Residential Programmes

Residential Programmes for 8-13 year olds choose from:

Junior Adventure:

Our Active Adventure programme is a physical programme of adventure activities. It has been designed specifically to promote healthy exercise, while also introducing young people to the benefits of co-ordination & teamwork.

Eco Adventure:

The world around us remains a source of fascination, even in these fast-changing times. Our experience is that young people are extremely curious about their surroundings, and our Adventure Centres lie at the heart of regions with great natural beauty & significance.

Whether you choose Junior Adventure or Eco Adventure for your group we will offer a balanced content to you in advance that we feel will suit the needs of your group. We will then welcome your comments & recommendations on how it might be tweaked to be an exact fit for you. We undertake to balance fun and adventure with stimulating learning outcomes.

Evening Entertainment Programme

Our evening schedule features our famous Entertainment Programme, and guests are left to feel that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Our talented and creative staff ensure the programme has just the right mix of excitement and winding-down activities before bedtime. Entertainments include Party Games, Singalongs, Supervised Disco, Bar-B-Qs, Feature Films and much more.

Day Trip Programmes

Day Trip Programmes for 5 – 12 year olds

How the Day Trip Works…

Structure of your day:


Arrival Time | Departure Time

09.30 a.m.    | 15.30 p.m.


10.00 a.m.    | 16.00 p.m.

Age Groups:

  • Junior/Senior Infants (5-6 yrs) – slow and easy but fun tempo geared down for this age group.
  • 1st-6th Class (7-12 yrs) – more exciting fun and challenging range of activities on offer but still with the emphasis on safety first. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes so boredom is never an issue!


Children should bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. Lunch is also available on site, which can be booked in advance if you choose this option.




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