Westport, Ireland

Adventure Camps

Horizon International Languages College is the coming together of leading individuals in outdoor education and adventure in Ireland and the UK. We have drawn together people with unrivalled experience in these areas, and have invested heavily to produce programmes featuring a highly-imaginative combination of educational content and adventure. Significant financial backing has given us the opportunity to provide a wide range of programmes for groups, and schools and parents can rest assured that we are a, committed, environmentally friendly organisation which is motivated to make your trip to our Centres in Ireland as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

What makes us unique?

Thanks to many years of feedback from you, we believe we know what is important to you on a trip of this nature. So we continue to offer you:

  • Exciting, unique and diverse programmes
  • Unparalleled levels of support - before, during, and after your stay
  • An outstanding safety record
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Staff who are suitably-qualified and highly-trained
  • An approved, comfortable accommodation base
  • Excellent facilities
  • A range of great activities at exceptional value for money
  • Easy Access to all centres


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